BouncyCastle.Crypto in Gembox.Document

We are evaluating the library, and we are happy with what we are seeing, but after updating to .NET 8, we see the following error:
CS0433: The type ‘InvalidCipherTextException’ exists in both ‘BouncyCastle.Crypto’ and ‘BoundyCastle.Cryptography’

We need to use BouncyCastle in our solution, we are using the BouncyCastle.Crypto package, as the Shared.BouncyCastle is deprecated.

But as we checked on the Nuget page, the .NETStandard 2.0 version of GemBox.Document is still using the Portable.BouncyCastle.

Is there a plan for changing it to the BouncyCastle.Cryptography?

I saw a post for the GemBox.Email, but this package has a separate .Net Framework 3.5 edition.

Hi Batsay,

We would like to move to BouncyCastle.Cryptography for the .NET Standard 2.0 version (we already moved to it for our .NET Framework 4.6.2 and .NET 6.0 Windows versions), but unfortunately, we can’t until they fix this bug that we reported a year ago:

Anyway, as a workaround for now, can you please try using the following in your CSPROJ file:

    <PackageReference Include="Portable.BouncyCastle" Version="1.9.0" ExcludeAssets="Compile" GeneratePathProperty="true" />
    <Reference Include="BouncyCastle.Crypto">

Does this solve your issue?