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What user license suits to my requirements?


We have to buy your product to digitally sign the pdfs. We need our named to print as I saw one of your example which is doing that. On clicking that name it is showing all the details of certificate etc. We have three environments .i.e. dev, uat and production. We have to make it work in all environments. Can you please guide me that which license would suffice my needs being most economical. Also mentioned either buying source code with one developer license will work only on one machine?


Azhar Majeed

Hi Azahar,

GemBox components are licensed per individual developer, there are no servers or OEM licenses.
In other words, GemBox licenses include royalty-free deployment, there are no additional costs for dev, uat, or production environments.

You can also check our FAQ page for more licensing information.

But in short, if you’re the only developer in your company that is going to work on a project that uses the GemBox component then you will need a single 1 Developer License.
With that license, you can feel free to build an unlimited number of applications and deploy or distribute them to an unlimited number of services, servers, or end-user machines with no extra cost.

Last regarding the source code license, note that this license is not required in order to use the GemBox component.
This license provides you a solution that contains the GemBox.Pdf library’s source code in C#.
Anyway, the source code setup can be installed on multiple machines that are exclusively used by the licensed developer(s).

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.