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Using outline in a protected worksheet

I use the outline and the protection function in a worksheet.
But I can’t expand the grouped area because it is protected.

There is way in vba to use it:
Sheets(1).Protect userinterfaceonly:=True
Sheets(1).EnableOutlining = True

How can I do this with the spreadsheet library?


Can you send us the XLSX file which has the desired protection options?

I’ll investigate the file and let you know how to recreate those options with GemBox.Spreadsheet.


Hi. yes of course. But how can I do this? Is the reply box i can only upload images.


You can send us an email or submit a support ticket.
Please check our Contact page.

Or you can upload it somewhere temporarily (like your Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) and send us the download link.


Hello, is there a way to do this? I’ve run into the same issue.


The outline symbols can only be enabled programmatically in a protected sheet using the EnableOutlining VBA property.

In other words, this EnableOutlining property doesn’t exist in the XLSX file, MS Excel doesn’t write this information in the file. Because of that, GemBox.Spreadsheet is unable to provide support for it.

The only way to achieve this would be to have an XLSM file with that VBA code and then use that file as your input template which you would load with GemBox.Spreadsheet, fill out with your data and save to output XLSM file. In that case, the output XLSM file will contain that VBA code because GemBox.Spreadsheet preserves macros.