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SQL Server & GemBox.Pdf.dll

Hi, I am a Microsoft SQL Server DBA and one of our developers is looking to use GemBox PDF to do some manipulation of PDF files. I’ve been asked to install GemBox PDF onto the SQL Server which holds the files in a database, but am pushing back because I don’t install 3rd party software onto SQL Servers. I couldn’t see any examples on your site to do with processing files from a SQL database. Can you please advise me on where you would usually expect your software to be installed? I would expect it to be on an application layer, but would appreciate any advice you can give.

Hi Michael,

There is actually no need for you to install GemBox.Pdf in order to use it.

You can just add the GemBox.Pdf.dll file to your project or better yet reference it from your project as a NuGet package. That way the file will be deployed together with the rest of the files from your application.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Mario, many thanks for your help and reply which is encouraging. I have a meeting with the developers on Monday and will pass this information across to them and I will certainly let you know if I have further questions.