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Some attachments with incorrect DispositionType

In one of my mails (file extension “msg”) an attachment is loaded into the MailMessage.Attachments with the DispositionType “Inline” although it is attached as a file.
When creating a new mail with the same attachment it has the correct DispositionType (“Attachment”).

I encountered this issue with some different mails and attachments of different file types but sadly I don’t have a reliable reproduction. How does Gembox determine if an attachent is inlined?

I need the information to handle attached files for a mail and I need to ignore inlined attachments like pictures with embedded links in a signature.
Is there another way to differentiate whether an attachment is embedded in the mail text?

For further investigation I can provide you with one of the mails, if that helps.

Hi Sarah,

Yes, please send us your MSG file so that we can investigate it.


Hi Mario,

thanks for your quick reply. I sent the file via mail.

Kind regards,

One other thing I noticed: the same mail as eml-file instead of msg does not have the same issue. It seems to appear only in the msg file.

I have similar issues (Attachment.DispositionType is wrong) with some MailMessages loaded from “.msg” files.

Are there any news regarding this issue? Do you need additional samples?

Hi Stephan,
We’re currently working on this, I’ll write again later after we’re done.

Hi Mario,

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

If there is anything I can do to help (e.g. testing a preview version of a potential fix), don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,