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SetPicture with an image from database

Update (leave me along long enough and I solve my own problem!)

so… to replace the picutre, tuyrns out it needs to go into the ‘fill’ eg
where thge logo_stream is the Byte[] array from the SQL binary converted to a MemoryStream.

I have a binary (Byte[]) representation of an image that I am retrieving from database (png). I can save it as a file, but would prefer to keep it in memory.

is there a way to update an existing Picture object (they’re not placeholders)

what I’d like to do is iterate through the presentation
foreach (Picture sh in sl.Content.Drawings.OfType<Picture>()) {...}
and based on the name (sh.Name) of the picture retrieve the latest version of the image from the database and replace it…

Hi Jeremy,

Exactly, you need to use:


I’m glad you were able to solve this issue.