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Select input tray when printing

Should I be able to set the input tray when using the pdfdocument.print method?

What I am doing is the following (vb.net) (:

               Dim printQueue As PrintQueue = printServer.GetPrintQueue(pblock.bulkprinter)
               Dim myPrintTicket As PrintTicket = printQueue.DefaultPrintTicket.Clone()
               ' ModifyPrintTicket sets the input bin in the ticket. I have verified this by
               ' printing out the ticket XML

               ModifyPrintTicket(myPrintTicket, printerFeature, printeroption)
               Dim printopts = New GemBox.Pdf.PrintOptions(myPrintTicket.GetXmlStream)
               printopts.DocumentName = "SRS Bulk Print Doc ID " & docid
               pdfdocument.Print(pblock.bulkprinter, printopts)

When I look at the print job status in the queue it always displays “Auto Tray Select” regardless of what I set the bin to in the print ticket. Before I dig any further into this I wanted to check that the code should be working.

Hi Malcolm,

Can you please check this post:

Even though it is about GemBox.Document, the same should work with GemBox.Pdf as well.