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Searching mails by international characters

Can’t understand how to search mails by non-English characters (Russian in my case).

var messageNumbers = imap.SearchMessageNumbers($"SUBJECT \"Клиенты\"");

I tried to use CHARSET with different values, like this

imap.SearchMessageNumbers($"CHARSET UTF-8 SUBJECT \"Клиенты\"");

but it didn’t help.


Unfortunately, support for “international IMAP search” will require some refactoring in order to complete. So, we’ll have to wait for this feature’s priority to increase.

As a workaround for now, can you search for the messages using some other parameter, for example, by using sender or date range?
With that, you could then get their headers (ImapClient.GetHeaders) and check for the subject.


Hi, Mario. Yes, I used a similar alternative method. But it would be nice if this search worked.