Saving Sent Emails to Sent Folder on Server


I have the latest version of Gembox and I need to be able to save the emails that I am sending to the ‘Sent Folder’ on the server, is there a simple way of doing this? Apologies as I can’t seem to find any reference to it.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Iain,

Unfortunately, GemBox.Email currently doesn’t have an upload capability.
However, note that we do have this feature request in our backlog and we intend to provide it sometime in the future.
But at the moment I cannot say when that will be.

Nevertheless, as a workaround for now can you perhaps try adding your email address (the sender) to a BCC collection?
I’m hoping that this will result in an email being sent to you which you could then move to the sent folder using the ImapClient.

Would this work for you?


Hi Mario

Brilliant idea! I didn’t think of that! I will use that for now but obviously if it does get fixed in the future that would be great.

Thanks for your help.