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Saving pages without WPF dependency

When trying to save a DocumentModelPage [GemBox.Document], an ExcelFilePage [GemBox.Spreadsheet] or a PresentationDocumentPage [GemBox.Presentation] as an image in a .net6 Application I receive a System.NotSupportedException with the message “No WPF on the system.”

Following the issue Cannot open PDF file in .NET 6 (core) project I added WPF and set the target framework to .net6-windows and it worked. However, the fix should be necessary due to the PDF reader. Is this also necessary for saving pages as images? Or is there another way to convert pages to images without depending on WPF?

WPF is used when printing files, saving files to XPS and saving files to image formats.
For instance, please check the Limitations on Linux or macOS section on the Linux / macOS example [GemBox.Document]:

Note that we have a feature request for cross-platform saving to image format and please feel free to vote for it to boost its priority:

But at the moment, I cannot say exactly when this will be available.

Alright, thanks for the information.
I voted for the feature request, this issue can now be closed :slight_smile: