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Save to PDF doesn't honour "Insert page break after each item"

I have a client that creates excel files that contains pivot-items (is that the way to name them?..I’m no pivot expert :slight_smile: …and in “Field Settings\Layout & Print” the option “Insert page break after each item” is enabled.

I created a ticket for this earlier because this option was not saved when saving the workbook with gembox…this problem has been resolved.

But now when I export the sheet to a pdf file the “Insert page break after each item” is not honoured. All items are directly after each other in the pdf file and no page-breaks are inserted.

I can send the workbook trhough email because it contains data from a client…

Hi Ton,

Yes, please send us your Excel file so that we can use it for testing purposes and implement this requirement of yours.



We have added support for page breaks in pivot tables when exploring them with our rendering engine.

For this, you need to use this latest bugfix version:
Or this latest NuGet package:
Install-Package GemBox.Spreadsheet -Version 47.0.1386-hotfix

And call PivotTable.Calculate before saving to PDF, XPS, or image format.


The hotfix works. Thanks!