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Roadmap licensing .Net Core 3 to .Net 5


I was wondering if you have a product roadmap somewhere. And I would mostly be interested in the license for the current .Net Core 3 version. Will that be transferable when .Net 5 comes out? Or will you then have a complete new product, which required a whole new license?

.Net 5 roadmap still aims for November 2020, so license wise it would smart to wait perhaps?
And perhaps you can also tell us if you are working on a .Net 5 version of your bundle.

Hi Jeroen,

Regarding the roadmap, some features that we’re currently working on can be seen from our feature request list. For instance, these feature requests are the ones we’re currently working on in GemBox.Document.

Other features are from our internal backlog, not publicly visible.

Nevertheless, important releases are followed by a blog post, but all releases are listed on a BugFix page with listed changes, release notes. For instance, this is BugFix page for GemBox.Document.

Regarding the license, note that GemBox components have multiple DLL versions.
For instance, GemBox.Document has versions for:

  • .NET Framework 3.5 - 4.8
  • .NET Core 3.0
  • .NET Standard 2.0

All those versions use the same license. Also, if we release any new DLL version in the future, it will use the same license as well.

Regarding the .NET 5, we don’t expect any backward incompatibilities and I believe that existing DLL versions (for .NET Core and .NET Standard) should work as expected.
Nevertheless, we will confirm this after the official release and if any problem occurs we will address it.

I hope this helps.