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Private printing

Hi all,

Does the Gembox.Pdf library provide a way for “private” or “safe” printing? I would like to send a document to the printer using silent printing, but I want the print job to be held until the user identifies himself at the printer. The printer supports this in the printing dialogue, can I achieve the same result with the library?

Hi Marcel,

Can you explain a bit what exactly do you mean by this?


The user identifies himself at the printer with a password or card. The idea behind this is: this is a private print, I don’t want anyone else to pick this up from the printer.

The second use case is printing on specific paper without a specific paper bin. The user prints the document private but without password, prepares the right paper on the printer and presses the button on the printer to start printing.

Hi Marcel,

We have been investigating this feature, and we believe this is what you’ll need:

In short, you’ll need to create such a PrintTicket and then use it to create a PrintOptions from GemBox.Pdf, something like this:

using (var document = PdfDocument.Load("input.pdf"))
    PrintTicket ticket = ...
    var options = new PrintOptions(ticket.GetXmlStream());
    document.Print("printer name", options);

Regarding the second case, I’m afraid we were unable to find any information on this in the System.Printing namespace.


Hi Mario,

This might be the right direction indeed, thank you very much!

Best regards,