Private Fonts not working for PDF

I have a specific OTF / TTF that I’m using for a project to generate a docx file and save into a PDF. The font works correctly when saved as a docx, however the font does not work when saving to a PDF. The text is already in an existing document in the header section that I am appending, so I am not writing the content programmatically.


Note that when generating a DOCX file you don’t need to have the font files, for Word documents the font files are required only when viewing the file in some Word application.

However, for generating a PDF file that is not the case. The machine that is executing the code must have those fonts installed otherwise some fallback font will be used.
If you don’t have those fonts installed, note that you can provide them to GemBox.Document as private fonts:

Or as embedded fonts:

I hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else.