Private fonts not used when converting to PDF

I have some documents (word documents, excel files) with custom fonts.

I’ve included these custom fonts as embedded resources and included them in the FontSettings.FontsBaseDirectory.

I can insert new text with this custom font in PDF no problem; however, when I convert a file with text with a custom font to PDF the text reverts to a fallback font.

How can I ensure that custom fonts are preserved when converting files to PDF?


For the embedded fonts (aka assembly fonts) you need to set the FontSettings.FontsBaseResourceLocation property.
Please read the Assembly fonts example.

I hope this helps.
If the problem remains, please send us a small Visual Studio project (together with your custom font) that reproduces your issue so that we can investigate it.


The solution was to specify GemBox.Document.FontSettings.FontsBaseDirectory and Gembox.Spreadsheet.FontSettings.FontsBaseDirectory to allow the conversion to get the custom font when converting documents and spreadsheets to PDF.