PdfSaveOptions - PDF/A Conversion and Image loss

Alright now i am closly finished with all thats needed but now i have the issue that with the conversion to pdf/A pictures get removed. i suspect it beeing dependent on how they’re layered. Though i’m curious if there is a implementation of this where pictures which are lets sa not embedded (pdfa1x) instead of them beeing discarded them beeing put on the right place.

Kindly K

And thanks so far you’ve been a great help :slight_smile:

Can you please send us a small Visual Studio project that reproduces your issue so that we can investigate it?

Currently, I’m not sure what your problem is.
However, I’m guessing that the problem is not related to the DocumentModel.Save but rather to the DocumentModel.Load.

Are you using the default PDF reader? Note that this reader doesn’t support reading images, see the “Support level for reading PDF format” section on the following help page:

Try using the high-fidelity loading:

var document = DocumentModel.Load("CustomInvoice.pdf",
    new PdfLoadOptions() { LoadType = PdfLoadType.HighFidelity });

Does this solve your issue?


I just used your example from the Documentation (like always). The high fidelity solved it :slight_smile: