PdfContentGroup.Bounds property

I’m currently using Gembox PDF 15 api.
In a contentEnumerator, when the type is PdfContentElementType.Group, I would like to access the “bounds” property of the PdfContentGroup.
But this property is not visible/available.
Is it only available on version 17 ?
Or did I miss something ?
Thanks in advance for any advice.
Kind regards,

Best Wishes from France :slight_smile:

Hi David,

Also best wishes to you!

The Bounds property was added in GemBox.Pdf 1.7 (more precisely, in this NuGet package: Install-Package GemBox.Pdf -Version 17.0.1070-hotfix).

A lot of backing infrastructure had to be implemented for this property so it is not so easy to transfer it to the older version and version 1.5 is no longer supported (support for it ended on 2021-07-23).

So you would need to upgrade to GemBox.Pdf 1.7 to use this property.


Hi Stipo,
Thanks a lot for your answer. That was my initial feeling.
I will upgrade to 1.7 to have access to that property.
Thanks again.
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