PDF generation poor performance

I am using Gembox.Document to create a docx that is just a single table, but has a large amount of rows to create a report. Saving a report with 100,000 records takes approx. 3s, while saving the same Document as a pdf takes around 38s.

I am using the following settings for the table:

outputTable.TableFormat.AutomaticallyResizeToFitContents = true;
outputTable.TableFormat.PreferredWidth = new TableWidth(100, TableWidthUnit.Percentage);

Is there any way to improve the save performance for pdfs?


Can you please try splitting those rows into multiple tables?
Does that result in better performance?

If not, can you send us a small Visual Studio project that generates your PDF report so that we can investigate this issue?


Hello Mario,

Spitting the table into multiple different ones is not a viable option for me. There are some columns that have multiple lines, which makes it difficult to determine what will fit on a single page. We use the table object in Gembox to ensure that each row of the table will all be presented on a single page.

What would be the best way to send sample code and sample files? I have created a sample application that shows the behavior.

You can send the sample code and sample files via email or support ticket, see our Contact page.