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PCL printing driver issue

Hello Forum,

i am testing now the printing capabilities of the gembox pdf library.
While working fine on 2 other printers i am having trouble printing on my HP printer.
After some searching the WEB i found that this might be related to the differences between PrintDriver types.
E.g. Printer Command Language(PCL) vs. Postscript(PS). My Postscript printers work fine Gembox.

Can Gembox print with PCL drivers? I ask because when to sell my program i cant force the users to install new/other printer drivers.

Does someone has a solution for this?

thanks and kind regards,

Hi Sven,

As you already know, GemBox components use the System.Printing for printing files.

If I’m not mistaken, the WPF itself does the printing conversions based on the type of the printer driver, see Print Path Architecture.

Anyway, as a workaround can you try saving your document to XPS with GemBox.Document and then use PrintQueue.AddJob.

Does this work for you?