Paragraphs and Sections.

I was able to check your sample code, and I have switched over to prototyping with Gembox.Document as time has allowed. It does seem to be a potential solution that handles everything in one library. One question, the PDF document we are working with has a footer with a set phrase and page numbering. However when using Gembox.Document, it treats this footer as a normal paragraph. This would normally be fine, but as part of our process we are removing several paragraphs on the last page before the footer paragraph. This causes the footer paragraph on that page to move up into the space where the deleted paragraphs were instead of staying at the bottom of the page.

Trying to come up with a solution to this, Is there a way with Gembox.Document to:

  1. Move an existing Paragraph to a fixed location from the bottom of the page, or
  2. Move an existing Paragraph into the Section footer, or
  3. Copy an existing Paragraph into the Section footer and then delete the original Paragraph?

Solution 1. should be doable, you could use DocumentModel.GetPaginator() to paginate the content, then for each DocumentModelPaginator.Pages you would call DocumentModelPage.GetElementLayout(Paragraph) method and provide the appropriate Paragraph element (the footer paragraph for each page). With this, you would get the positions so now you would replace those Paragraph elements with floating TextBox elements that have that exact layout you got from the GetElementLayout method.

Solutions 2. and 3. are basically the same and I believe they should be easier. However, I presume you’ll need to change the footer paragraph, you’ll need to replace the page number text with the page field.

Anyway, can you please send us a sample of a PDF document that you have so that we can further investigate your requirement?