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Open The file generated without saving first

Hi, i am using gembox spreadsheet for exporting datagridview data to an excel file. So far i have been able to implement the logic to export the data to the excel file. I have one only issue, sometimes i do not need to save the file to disc before visualizing the exported content. With microsoft interop i could create an excel application object, create the workbook, worksheets, etc and then show the result in the screen without saving anything. But with gembox i have not found yet how to do the same without calling the save method first.

Hope my issue is clear. Thank you.

Hi Carlos,

Unfortunately, that is not possible with GemBox.Spreadsheet. You’ll need to save the ExcelFile object to the disc.

Note, GemBox.Spreadsheet doesn’t have any dependency on Microsoft Excel and thus it cannot create those Excel Interop objects.


Ok. Thank you Mario. I was afraid of that, just want to be sure 100%. Regards.