Long field names

Not sure if there is a way to do this by using Word functionality only or maybe you have a workaround:

I use a property path as merge field name so when merging, the engine do the job by taking the name directly. The issue is sometimes paths are long and make a template look like broken, how ever the output document is ok. This makes templates designing complex especially when combining long names and IF fields and nested fields too.

Thanks in advanced

Hi Noe,

Can you tell us a bit more about how the path value is used?
Perhaps you can send us a sample document that demonstrates its usage?

Currently, I cannot say for sure, but have you considered introducing a custom document property that would have that value?
You could still use such value in IF fields by using the DOCPROPERTY field which references that custom document property.


It is not just one document but thounsands where we put merge fields inside tables, for example, and sometimes names look like <<customer.information.location.address.number>> and the cell should be no longer than 4 characters but when designing columns can’t be riszed because of merge fields name is so long.

Along with the issue mentioned above, I need to add RangeStart and RangeEnd merge fields which make columns wider.

EXAMPLE: link to a document in my drive

Hi Noe,

Note that fields have result text and instruction text:

In Microsoft Word, you can toggle between these two by pressing ALT + F9. The name of the field is defined in the instruction text and by default the result text of the field will be «FieldName».

But note that you can change the result text, it will not change the field’s name. In other words, try deleting the result text of those fields.

So instead of this:

You could have this:

And the fields instruction text would remain the same:

I hope this helps.


Thank you, that’s what I need.