J'essai de loader un fichier pdf

J’essaye de loader ce fichier PDF avec l’instruction
Using document = GemBox.Pdf.PdfDocument.Load(“d:/echange/ImageTest1_p.pdf”)

cela provoque l’erreur
Message=Invalid character was detected while reading an object identifier number (either object number or generation number).

Bitmiracle lit bien ce fichier

Hi Patrick,

I’m afraid that we only speak English here.
Nevertheless, can you please send us your “ImageTest1_p.pdf” file so that we can reproduce the issue and investigate it?


If you open your file in Adobe and immediately try to close it, you’ll notice that Adobe shows a popup message saying something like if you want to save changes in the file. This indicates that Adobe had to silently repair your file to read it successfully.

GemBox.Pdf can repair some irregularities, but I’m afraid we currently don’t cover this case. But note that we have an internal support ticket in which we keep track of these requests and we plan to work on it in the future.

For now, we have “manually” fixed your PDF file by removing the invalid content, there was some irregular data appended at the end of the PDF.