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Issue with some samples on Gembox Document documentation website


I am trying to download the .docx template that is used in a sample from the online documentation: Conditional fields during mail merge in C# and VB.NET

But the downloaded document is not compliant with the screenshot given in the sample.

Any idea why?

Hi Omid,

How exactly are you downloading the template document?

Note, when you click the “Run Example” button you will end up downloading the output document, not the input document.

Anyway, to download the input document you need to click on the underlined "MergeIfFields.docx" text that is inside the code.


Of course I downloaded the document without running the template :slightly_smiling_face:.
But even your link is not correct as the downloaded .docx doesn’t show any IF statements as in the screenshot.


I’m not sure which part is confusing you.

Anyway, try pressing ALT + F9 when you’re viewing the document inside Microsoft Word.

Does this solve your issue?

Hi Mario,

Indeed with ALT+F9 I can see the code. Shame on me I didn’t know this word shortcut :sweat_smile:.

By the way you should add the explanation on the official website.

Thanks again.

You can find this information in the Fields example.

There is also some additional information there that I believe you’ll find helpful, please check it out.

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