Issue with PDF to Word Conversion using .NET 6


I am facing problems while attempting to convert a PDF file to Word format using .NET 6.

We are currently using .NET 6 for our project, and we came across your site that provides a PDF to Word (DOCX) conversion in C#.

To test the functionality, I tried dragging and dropping the PDF file onto your site to see if it’s our side that doesn’t work, but unfortunately, I encountered an error also in your site with a message that reads: “Run failed: Example execution failed due to an internal error.”

here is the link of the PDF file :

Thank you very much


the PDF file contains Type 1 fonts which are currently not supported by GemBox.Document. If possible, replace the Type 1 fonts with the TrueType fonts and it should work fine.

Hi Marko,

Thank you for your prompt response.
However, I would like to further inquire if there is any potential for “Type 1 fonts” to be supported in the future.

Since we don’t have the control due to the diverse files uploaded by our clients.
Is there any other options / alternative to prevent the convertion to failed because of the font ?

Once again, thank you Marko for your time and assistance.

There is, but I cannot give the exact estimate when it going to be released because currently we are working on features with higher priority.

Hi Marko,

I understand and thank you again

Have a great day !