Is there a way to style text that has been loaded into a cell using LoadText and LoadOptions.HtmlDefault?

I have a rich text editor on my form that the user can use to change text colour, add bulleted lists, etc. I need GemBox to convert this HTML rather than print out the raw HTML which it does well with LoadText and LoadOptions.HtmlDefault.

However, the user is not able to change the font style or font size with my editor. Is there a way using GemBox to style the font in this paragraph after it has been loaded from the HTML? Currently, any converted HTML is pulling through to my Word document in Times New Roman size 12, even though the rest of the document is set to use Calibri size 11.

This is the code I’m using to pull my HTML through:

var commentsParagraph = new Paragraph(document);
commentsParagraph.Content.LoadText(link.Comments != null ? link.Comments : "", LoadOptions.HtmlDefault);

Hi! Can you please share HTML that reproduces the issue?

Hi Marko,

Thanks but I realised actually I could just wrap my HTML in another tag with the desired font styles before passing it to GemBox to process :slight_smile: