Invalid PDF created when trial licence applied

We are currently evaluating GemBox.Document. Overall we have been very pleased with the capabilities but we have encountered one issue which would currently prevent us from purchasing. Firstly a little context…

The system that we are building will fit into an existing set of services. The .net service will take letters and correspondence that will be sent to customers and manipulate the contents. Ultimately your library will produce a PDF file which can then go on for further processing (in this case by a service written in Node.js). The Node.js service applies a letterhead to the PDF and then sends a physical copy to the customer.

Anyway, we have found that one letter causes the upstream Node.js service to error because the library detects an incorrect header in the compression stream. Weirdly, this only happens when I apply my 30 day trial licence to GemBox.Document and the PDF can be processed when the free licence is in place). The PDF does, however, open in the browser/Acrobat.

I have a test bed that contains the letter, the .net code that calls GemBox.Document and a Typescript project that will generate the error. Is there somewhere that I can upload this code so it does not appear on this forum?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run the .net code. It will copy a DOCX file to the build directory. Once it runs the code will generate a PDF file called Incorrect.pdf in the build directory.
  2. Go to the nested Typescript project and run “npm install”. All libraries have been checked with Snyk.
  3. Then run “npx ts-node index.ts”. This will read the PDF directly from the .net build directory. It will attempt to add a letterhead to the file, but this will fail because the PDF is incorrectly formatted.

Hi Mike,

You can submit a support ticket and attach your repro project to it.
We can then investigate the issue and try to resolve it.


Hi Mario,

Would it be possible to send the attachment via email? I can still create the support case but our company blocks multipart POST requests out of the corporate network.

Yes, please check our Contact page.

The issue occurred with the empty pages that didn’t have content entry.
It is now resolved in this NuGet package:

Install-Package GemBox.Document -Version 35.0.1484-hotfix

Yeah, thanks for that Mario. I’m very happy at the speed that you and the team turned this around. It’s a very impressive introduction to your company.

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