Import Excel's images to Datagridview

I’m kinda new to C#.
I was using GemBox to find a way to import Excel’s data to Datagridview by following the reference.

The reference: Import and Export Excel to DataGridView in C# and VB.NET

I followed the reference but the result cant get or read the image.

hope i could get help with it.

Hi Kyun,

Please create a small Visual Studio project that reproduces your issue so that we can investigate it.
You can send us your project via email or support ticket, see the Contact page.


Hi Mario,

Sorry for the late reply
I sent you the project via email
I also included a readme file to show you the error I met.

Unfortunately, the file uses rich data which is currently not supported.

We have created an internal support ticket for rich data and I added your report to it. When its priority increases (more users request it) we will add support for it.

At this moment I cannot tell you exactly when it will be implemented. Please note that we prioritize feature request implementations by the number of users requesting them and currently, we are working on some other features that have greater priority (more user requests).

Last, as a quick workaround for now, when inserting images with Microsoft Excel 365, instead of using “Place in Cell”, try using “Place over Cells” and then position the image above the desired cell.