I want to know how to use GemBox.Presentation in classic ASP Slides?

Set comHelper = CreateObject("GemBox.Presentation.ComHelper")
comHelper.ComSetLicense("license key")

Set presentation = comHelper.Load(Server.MapPath(".") & "\123.pptx")
path = "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\demo.pdf"
Set presentation =nothing
Set comHelper =nothing

I ran the above code under Windows 10 and it failed:


What version of GemBox.Presentation are you using?
Please try again with the current latest version, does this solve your issue?

GemBox.Presentation V21.0,And run in windows 10.
But i run in windows server 2012,It seems like it can be done again。

I’m not exactly sure if I understood you correctly, are you saying that it’s working on Windows Server 2012?
Have you tried with the current latest version?

Yes ,windows 2012 server can run my code.But windows 10 can not run it .
Then i try my code by the latest “GemBox.Presentation”,At last ,Successfully started running!

Great, I’m glad you were able to solve this issue.
Let me know if you need anything else.