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GemBox Trial Version License

Need to know whether we can try out some NFR features Like doing a bulk import with more than 50 columns and 5000 rows in Excel, Having a huge file with 50MB size. Basically want to know whether we can try anything apart from the mentioned features for the trial license

Hi Priya,

Please check the Evaluation and Licensing help page.
In short, GemBox.Spreadsheet has four working modes:

  • Free
  • Trial
  • Time Limited
  • Professional

Only the Free mode has size limitation (5 sheets per workbook, 150 rows per sheet), the rest of the modes don’t have any size limitation.

To use Trial mode, try this:

// Set license key to use GemBox.Spreadsheet in a Free mode.

// Continue to use the component in a Trial mode when free limit is reached.
SpreadsheetInfo.FreeLimitReached += (sender, e) => e.FreeLimitReachedAction = FreeLimitReachedAction.ContinueAsTrial;

Or to use Time Limited mode, submit a support ticket for a time-limited serial key.