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GemBox not working when building to iOS from Unity

Hi there, I am creating an app in unity using GemBox.Document. My app works fine in editor, but when I tried to build to iOS I get the following error in Xcode.
Any help to solve the issue would be greatly appreciated.

ExecutionEngineException: Attempting to call method ‘GemBox.Document.Paragraph::aukwtulkxyley9uf4qqvqdhhsdtm7sby <System.Nullable`1[[GemBox.Document.LineSpacingRule, GemBox.Document, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b1b72c69714d4847]]>’ for which no ahead of time (AOT) code was generated.

Hi Matt,

One of our developers has investigated this issue and it seems that the problem occurs with the ahead-of-time compilation of the code which is in the core of GemBox.Document.

Apologize for the inconvenience, but I’m afraid we’re unable to resolve this issue at the moment.


Hi Mario,

Thanks for looking into this and getting back to me.
A shame that a resolution could not be found. Do you think there is any chance that some time in the future GemBox may be usable for Unity iOS builds?


Hi Matt,

Yes, but I’m afraid that at the moment I cannot say when that could be.
Currently, we’re doing some other refactorings and implementations that have greater priority (more user requests).