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GemBox.Document model vs Microsoft Word model

Hi, is there a resource somewhere on the Internet that compares the document model of GemBox.Document with the document model of Microsoft Word?

Or is there even a wrapper class for the GemBox.Document model based on the Microsoft Word document model (which would allow you to access the GemBox objects in an MS-Word-like way)?

I have searched for this but did not find anything that would lead me to such an information resource.

Hi Hermann,

GemBox.Document is a utility component while Microsoft Word is a GUI application, so they use different approaches for accessing document objects.

Nevertheless, some actions are similar, but others are a lot simpler with GemBox.Document because you’re doing them directly unlike with Word Interop where you’re basically going through UI controls.

Nevertheless, you can find the GemBox.Document’s document model on this help page.

I hope this helps.