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Format of MailMessage.Id

What do the parts of the MailMessage.Id mean, e.g. for an IMAP message?


Will the message ID be identical when retrieving the same email at a later point in time?

Another question in the same context:
Is ImapClient.SearchMessageUids returning a list of the above MailMessage.Ids? Or rather IMAP message UIDs (like 32424) converted to a list of strings?

Hi Thomas,


No, these two values don’t represent the same thing.

The MailMessage.Id is a globally unique identifier. See the specification of Content-ID Header Field, the same rules apply to the message’s ID.

On the other hand, the ImapMessageInfo.Uid is unique within a mailbox (a single email account), see the Unique Identifier (UID) Message Attribute.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.