Form Fillable Forms functionality gap

In competitor, it is possible to extract the XML Data Package from a Form Fillable PDF, and then Import XML data back into the PDF as a form filling action. This is interesting because the XML dataset and schema can be seen, and validated (in their extracted xfa:datasets and xsds respectively). The field names are easy to look at as well.

In Gembox, it appears to me that xfdf is the only way the extracted data is represented (yes I am aware the fields can be accessed via a collection indexed by their names), however the field names extracted by Gembox aren’t really that legible compare to the ones provided by the competitor.

You can use this
to see what I’m talking about.

Is this something you can comment on, or if this is or there are some functionality that I’ve overlooked can you please point me to the right direction.


GemBox.Pdf doesn’t support XFA Forms and, currently, there are no plans to support them because this feature is deprecated in PDF 2.0.

We would consider implementing support for XFA Forms if that feature would gather enough popularity in GemBox.Pdf feature requests because the implementation itself would not be trivial and would require a substantial time investment.

The current workaround would be to use the Export to FDF or XFDF functionality. Import from FDF/XFDF is currently not supported but has a higher probability of being implemented than support for XFA Forms.