Find url link in existing PDF

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to parse the content of a pdf in order to find url text link.
I saw I can maybe use Annotations type but I don’t have access to this content in my pdf page.
Anyone can help me find the right syntax ?
Thanks in advance

I’m using GemBox.Pdf.15.0.1145. Maybe Annotations are available in a later version.

Hi David,

Yes, annotations were added in later versions.

Can you tell me when did you purchase your license?
Note that within your support period, you can use any newer version (both minor and major releases).

Also, can you send us your PDF file so that I can investigate your requirement?


You are entitled to a version of GemBox.Pdf which has API support for annotations, so to update the URL links you could use the following:

string search = "plano:";
string replace = "";

using (var document = PdfDocument.Load("206-SOISY-SOUS-MONTMORENCY-RI-ALCOOL-FEMME.pdf"))
    foreach (var page in document.Pages)
        foreach (var webLinkAction in page.Annotations
            .SelectMany(annotation => annotation.Actions)
            .Where(link => link.Url.StartsWith(search)))
            webLinkAction.Url = replace + webLinkAction.Url.Substring(search.Length);


I hope this helps.