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Error printing PDF (Win32 error: -2147467231)


I downloaded the free version in order to test the product.
On my project I created a procedure to print the PDF documents and with my client I have not problems.
But when I publish the project on the server (Windows Server 2012 R2) I receive follow message:

System.Printing.PrintQueueException: PrintTicket provider failed to bind to printer. Win32 error: -2147467231
** at MS.Internal.Printing.Configuration.PTProvider…ctor(String deviceName, Int32 maxVersion, Int32 clientVersion)**
** at MS.Internal.Printing.Configuration.PTProviderBase.Create(String deviceName, Int32 maxVersion, Int32 clientVersion)**
** at System.Printing.Interop.PrintTicketConverter…ctor(String deviceName, Int32 clientPrintSchemaVersion)**
** at ​..(String , PrintServer& , PrintQueue& , PrintTicketConverter& )**
** at ​. ​ (String , Stream )**
** at ​. ​ ( ​ , String , Stream )**
** at GemBox.Pdf.PdfDocument.(String , PrintOptions )**
** at PoolStampaNET.Service1.stampa_segretariato(String p_file, String p_stampante)**

Maybe cannot I use the free version on the server? Can anyone help me?

Hi Esteban,

What account are you using on Windows Server, what permissions does it have?
Just in case, can you please try changing the logon of service from the Local System account to the Administrator account:


If the problem remains, can you perhaps try the suggestion on this forum post:

I hope this helps.


Hi Mario,

Thank you for your reply.

I’m using a system admin user to test it.

I will try what is written in the link.

Thanks and regards