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Does .Msg format support html email body?

My C# code to save a html email to MSG format. But when I double click the welcome.msg file that is converted, the message is blank in Windows outlook. If I changed the message body format to be “BodyText”, the message loads in outlook as “


”. Does GemBox.Email suppurt html email for .msg format? If it does, how should I update my code to fix it?

var message = new MailMessage();
message.Subject = “”;
message.BodyHtml = “## html content ##”;


Hi Aileen,

I’m afraid this is a known issue, Microsoft Outlook requires having a compressed RTF body, not HTML.
This issue is not reproduced with other email clients, like Thunderbird, nor with other email formats, like EML.

Anyway, please note that we’re actually currently working on this feature, adding support for writing compressed RTF body (reading is already supported).
At the moment I don’t have an exact release date, but if I had to guess I would say that it should be done within this month.


Thank you for the updates.


This feature is now released with the current latest version.
Please try again with it by downloading the latest version from our BugFixes page or from Nuget.