Docx Arial converted to ArialMT

I have a DOCX file written in Arial.

Conversion to PDF transforms the font into ArialMT by slightly modifying the layout of the document, for example breaking the word that goes new line.

I still have to avoid these small changes, how can I do?

Hi Alverta,

Can you please send us your DOCX file so that we can reproduce your issue and investigate it?

Also, where exactly are you running the application that is converting your document, is it on Windows or Linux?
If it’s on Linux, what Arial fonts do you have installed?


Hi Mario,
this is the DOCX file
and the PDF created

As you can see there are differents word wrap in the phrases.

We are converting it using Windows environment
Gembox.Document v 33.0.1155
GemBox.Pdf v 15.0.1033



That “ArialMT” is the right font, note that you will get the same name if you export the Word to PDF with Microsoft Word as well.

Anyway, GemBox.Document does not use Microsoft Word to calculate positions and sizes of document elements on the page, therefore the results might not be identical since Microsoft Word’s layout/rendering engine is not standardized nor its code is open.

GemBox.Document, just like any other Word application, uses its own layout/rendering engine to paginate and render the document’s content. There can be differences in rendering between different Word applications. For example, here is a result of LibreOffice Writer:

There can even be differences between different versions of the Microsoft Word application itself.

You can think of this the same as how a website can look different when it’s opened in different browsers or even in different versions of the same browser.

I hope this explains your situation.
Let me know if you need anything else.


Hi Mario, thanks for reply. Now I better understand how it works.

Now I have another issue, this time with tables (I think…).
Please check the DOCX file:
and the converted PDF:

Is this the same problem?
Thank you

Please try again with this bugfix:

Or this NuGet package:
Install-Package GemBox.Document -Version 35.0.1373-hotfix

Does this solve your issue?