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Document and Android!

Hi guys !

I see your code sample for Android: Create Word file from Xamarin mobile app
But maybe you have a full package (full solution) how to use it and launch?
For example how to convert “DOCX to PDF” in Android app?
Please, I mean the full code sample (zip, rar) exactly.


Hi John,

Please download the following project: GbdXamarin.zip

Let me know if you need anything else.


It’s cool.
It works with file on your servers.
The last question:
How I can upload this file from my phone?
I mean that I can choose any docx file from my phone inside and convert it in PDF?


  1. Upload file
  2. Chose the direction of conversion (DOCX to PDF, DOCX to RTF, DOCX to…)
  3. Click the button “Convert”
  4. The result!

It will cover all my needs!
Thank you very much


The DocumentModel.Load(string) method takes any file path or URL. So what you’ll need to do is just provide the path of the file that’s on your phone.

Also regarding the different conversions, you’ll need to change what is being saved.
In other words, you’ll adjust the DocumentModel.Save(string) to your requirement.

I hope this helps.


Hi Mario.

I am still testing your GemBox.Document and Android.
May I ask you:

I’ve prepared a project DOCX to PDF and It works fine
But when I tried to convert PDF to Word (Images) using your dll - I can’t receive a result: because the Android says : Error - Operation is not supported on this platform

Tell me please there is any limit Android Platform and your GemBox.Document for PDF to WORD, Images?



I’m afraid that currently, GemBox.Document is not intended for this task.

You see, GemBox.Document’s PDF reader uses WPF which means that it is a Windows-only feature.
Also, it’s not intended for tasks that require high fidelity, please read the “Support level for reading PDF format (beta)” section on the following help page:

However, I would like to mention that we have plans for creating a new PDF reader in the current roadmap. The new reader will utilize GemBox.Pdf under the hood, which will result in cross-platform support, and it will be designed for accurate, high fidelity, representation of PDF to the DocumentModel object.

At the moment I cannot say exactly when this will become available. If I had to guess I would say that it should be done before the end of this year. Anyway, with that release, you will be able to achieve your desired task.