Differences between saving to PDF from Gembox.Spreadsheet versus Microsoft's Print To File

When I try to print to PDF file from Gembox.Spreadsheet using Gembox vs using Microsoft’s print to PDF, there is a major difference in layout. From what I see, the Worksheet’s built in Margin and Print options is already read and applied to the PDF print

Is this normal and must be accepted or there are configs to solve this situation?

Microsoft Excel Print To PDF

Gembox Save to PDF

The code in action

        var resultExcel = ExcelFile.Load("D:\\TemplateExcel.xlsx");
        // Do small value manipulation
        resultExcel.Save("D:\\TempPdf.pdf",new GemBox.Spreadsheet.PdfSaveOptions());

The TemplateExcel file in action

Side topic, I am loading the “printed” PDF to GemBox.Pdf like so

    resultExcel.Save(resultExcelStream, SaveOptions.PdfDefault);
    using var document = PdfDocument.Load(resultExcelStream);

    for (var i = 0; i < document.Pages.Count; i++)
        // I would like to shift the Excel table to the right. Is it possible?
        // document.Pages[i].Transform.Translate(100,100); // does nothing


The following is a screenshot of the print preview for your workbook in the LibreOffice Calc application:

As you can see, it can fit more content than Microsoft Excel.

Anyway, I’m afraid that different rendering engines may result in paginating and rendering the content differently.


Thank you Mario. Can you help me to take a look at another question on reply #2?

Try something like this:

for (var i = 0; i < document.Pages.Count; i++)
    var elements = document.Pages[0].Content.Elements;
    var group = elements.Group(elements.First, elements.Last);

    var transform = group.Transform;
    transform.Translate(100, 100);
    group.Transform = transform;