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Current active/opened workbook/worksheet in Microsoft Excel

I’d like to know is it possible to manipulate Excel that’s already running instead loading from file, like in VB.NET using Excel Interop such as this command below:

XLapp = CType(Marshal.GetActiveObject("Excel.Application"), Excel.Application)

I want to manipulate Excel while the active workbook and active worksheet are being used and opened. In many examples, I see that GemBox.Spreadsheet always opens the file first and manipulates later, but instead of doing that, I want to manipulate the file content while it running.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Unarudin,

I’m afraid that is not possible.

You see, GemBox.Spreadsheet doesn’t have any dependency with Microsoft Excel.
It can only process the Excel files from path or stream.


thank you mario, i hope this feature can come across ,cause your software is awesome…