Cross-platform support for saving to image only for some formats?

Hi GemBox Team,

I read in the latest Release notes of GemBox.Bundle and the belonging components, that cross-platform support for saving to image formats is now included, which is a great improvement for my application, that currently has to run in a Windows environment. To prepare it for running on a Linux environment, I removed the dependency to WPF, but now converting from images to BMP does not work anymore.
Is the cross-platform support for the conversion still limited to specific image formats?

Best regards,

Hi Sarah,

Please try again with this NuGet package:
Install-Package GemBox.Document -Version 35.0.1589-hotfix

Now only the WMP format (Windows Media Photo) should not have cross-platform support.

Does this solve your issue?


Hi Mario,

The new version solves my issue, thanks.
The new cross platform support really improves the scalability of my application :slight_smile:

Best regards,