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Create PDF using GemBox.Presentation.Save method

Hello ,
I’m facing exception while creating PDF using pptx template. It working fine in Windows but when code deployed on Linux image throwing exception - Cannot get a matching glyph typeface for font ‘Calibri’.".

Note - I’m using paid subscription key for GemBox.Presentation product.

This is blocker for me looking for urgent support.

Thanks ,
Yashwant Garad

Hi Yashwant,

First, please try again with the current latest version:

Or the current latest NuGet package:

Second, please make sure that you have some fonts installed on Linux. For instance, check our Docker example.

Does this solve your issue?


Hi ,
As suggested, we updated package with current version.
But now facing another exception saying System.Drawing.Common is not supported on non-Windows platforms. I’m using Dot Net 6 Web API.

Hi Yashwant,

Can you please send us a small Visual Studio project that reproduces your issue so that we can investigate it?
Instead of System.Drawing.Common, you should have ended up with the SkiaSharp as your dependency.

Also, you should include the SkiaSharp.NativeAssets.Linux package.
Please check our Docker example.