Could not find leptonic and tesseract dlls

I have an application we are deploying to an Azure app server. The ASP .NET8.0 application runs fine locally (dotnet run) and finds the libraries ok. The error message says I can set the OcrReadOptions.LibraryPath static property. I can only set it on the class not on my ReadOptions instance.

But what is the format for the path variable?
Can I put multiple paths into the variable? If so what is the separator.
Is there an environment variable I can set as an alternate?

Update #1:
I updated to the newest version 17.0.1485 and now it does not even run locally and fails with the library error.

I set the path as follows to where the library is:

I tried several things but no luck.
I am using 17.0.1438 of Gembox.Pdf and Gembox.Pdf.Ocr

Hi David,

Can you please try again with these NuGet packages:

Install-Package GemBox.Pdf -Version 17.0.1486-hotfix
Install-Package GemBox.Pdf.Ocr -Version 25.0.1486-hotfix

It should now work out of the box, both TesseractDataPath and LibraryPath will now additionally be looked for inside the Assembly.GetEntryAssembly().Location.

Does this solve your issue?