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Copy Chart from Excel to Powerpoint

My use case is data and charts are maintained in an XLS which gets refreshed by another application.

My C# application has to then copy the charts in that XLS and paste them into a template of slides. are there examples that use GemBox.Spreadsheet and GemBox.Presentation with copy-paste of charts?


First I’m afraid that GemBox.Spreadsheet supports reading charts only from XLSX format, please check the Excel Chart example.
So, can you use XLSX format instead or XLS?

Now regarding your requirement, currently there is no direct API for this.
Nevertheless, you could achieve copying by either saving the Excel chart to image with GemBox.Spreadsheet and then importing that image to PowerPoint slide with GemBox.Presentation.
Or you could recreate the same chart element in the presentation (see PowerPoint Charts example).

Let me know which approach would you prefer?