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Convert Word document to pdf and fonts

I have some Word document. Text is formatted with arial an another office standard fonts. I have not any problems when convert document to pdf on windows workstation. But… My problems start when code executing on Linux or Mac workstations. There is wrong fonts on pdf. Text not equals as in Word. I understand that my problem in fonts. What I mast do (code example please) for using word’s fonts? I must place custom fonts in folder?

Hi dmitry,

The issue is probably happening because your Linux and Mac workstations do not have installed fonts that are used in the document.

See the following links how to install Microsoft fonts on Linux and Mac OS:

Can I include fonts in my web solution like in https://www.gemboxsoftware.com/document/examples/private-fonts/103? Will pdf-file generate using right fonts? I can not install fonts as showing in answer. My boss will be dissatisfied :wink:


Yes, you can also use the approach as in the Private Fonts example. If you put all font files used in your document to the Private Fonts directory, then the output PDF file should look as expected.