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Calculation of worksheet results in #N/A

I have a worksheet with several functions, referring to other worksheets. The worksheet works perfectly in Excel. When loaded in Gembox Spreadsheets and calling the Caculate-method, the Value of the (as far as I can see) all cells change into “#N/A”.

Does anyone know to to get an actual value? Where can I see an actual error?

*** EDIT ***

I discovered that the VLOOKUP-function (with range_lookup set to false, so doing an exact math) is not functioning as it should. The range we are looking in is “A:C” (so complete columns, including the headers) and not A2:C99 (excluding the headers). Since we do an exact math this should work.

Hi Martin,

I’m afraid I was unable to reproduce your issue, I tried using few VLOOKUP examples (including the one from Microsoft’s VLOOKUP function page).

Can you please send us your Excel file so that we can reproduce your issue and investigate it?