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ASCII 5 in mail merge causes document format error

I’ve managed to break the mail merge!
I have an ASCII 5 character in some mail merge data. (renders as &#x5 when saving as XML)
The mail merge is executed but Word can’t open the document that the mail merge creates.
The same data is fine if I replace that character with something else.
I can work around it, but I thought you’d like to know. It’s a pretty nasty error to end up with.
And if possible I would like to know if there are any other characters I shouldn’t be using, please.

Hi Karin,

Please try again with this bugfix:

Or this NuGet package:
Install-Package GemBox.Document -Version 33.0.1296-hotfix

Note that an exception will occur when saving the DocumentModel that has those characters DOCX file (also, the same behaviour will occur when saving to HTML or XML as well).

Does this solve your issue?