After Windows Update WPF XPS Viewer don´t show images after pdf conversion to xps

Hi, a happy new year to all.
After the Windows update KB5020872 from 13.12.2022 (regarding XPS rendering) and the installation of the correction script from KB5022083, XPS files converted with GemBox PDF are not rendered correctly with the WPF DocumentViewer control. Images are generally not displayed. I used the latest gemBox.PDF DLL version
Documents saved directly as XPS files (from Microsoft Office) are displayed correctly. So it looks like this behaviour is due to the changed rendering (Win Update) and the obviously not adapted GemBox PDF DLL.
Will there be an update from GemBox in the foreseeable future or is there a temporary workaround?
Greetings, Frank.

Hi Teddy and happy new year to you too!

This seems to be the breaking change that is causing your issue:

In that article, you can find a link to a workaround, please try it out:

Does this solve your issue?


Hello Stipo,

I have to check with my customer if the NET.Framework Updates are done.

But the behaviour on my PC with WIN 10 Version 22H2 is currenly the same as in the 20H2 Version of my customer. And its caused in the converting process of GemBox PDF to xps File.
The workaround mentioned in your second link has been done on both sides. But nevertheless Images will not be rendered in the WPF Document Viewer if the xps file is created from GemBox.Pdf. (As descriped in my first message.)

Kind regards,

Hi Teddy,

Please try again with this bugfix:

Or this NuGet package:

Install-Package GemBox.Pdf -Version 17.0.1260-hotfix

Does this solve your issue?


Hi Stipo,

Sorry for late response. But Yes. The Problem is solved. Thank you very much!