Emails with attachments issue

We have gembox installed and recently updated the license for it. We have found that emails with standard fonts (.jpeg, .png etc.) does not work in the following scenario:
It is failing on the 2nd line - Object reference not set…
Document has data
So our theory is that the LoadOptions.HtmlDefault is not working.


if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(inlineAttachments.BodyEndText))
    document.Content.End.LoadText(inlineAttachments.BodyEndText, LoadOptions.HtmlDefault);


Can you send us an example of inlineAttachments.BodyEndText value that reproduces this issue so that we can investigate it?


Looks like Gembox has limitations:

Are you sure that you have a Partially Trusted application?
In other words, do you have an ASP.NET Web Form application that has a trust level set to “medium”: